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This site is a clearinghouse for all types of career information for students, parents, educators, business & industry and community. Users will find specific career information (career planning, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, financial aid/scholarships, etc.) and other career sites, such as labor market information, business and industry efforts, teacher lessons and activities, parent advice and involvement as well as community information and efforts organized to minimize user time. It is based on the idea that the happiest and most successful people are doing what they love to do. They have a very clear sense of inner direction and therefore, have a positive impact on the world of work. These workers view their work as meaningful and create their own livelihood- starting with a dream, filling in with skills, and persisting until they get what they want. This site is dedicated to making career development available for all, beginning with that first dream.

"To dream the impossible dream..." Who's to say when a dream begins?
"To reach the unreachable star..."
Who will make that dream a reality?
"This is my quest. To follow that star.

No matter how hopeless. No matter how far.
And the world will be better for this...
To reach the unreachable stars."


Career development begins with a dream...
is fueled by self awareness ...
is dependent on exploration and planning...
establishes a foundation for career preparation.

Make a dream, even a seemingly impossible dream, a reality.


Start with a dream. Find out who you are. Develop a positive communication with your family. Know who your teachers really are and link to their expertise and knowledge. Develop the needed skills. Become acquainted with business and industry (what they require and expect), know your "community" so that you can prosper from that which makes up your environment. Persist, and succeed in making your dream a reality.


Parents... embrace your children and yourself. You have the single most significant impact on your children. You can make a difference.. you can help your children dream, develop the skills and persist, making their dreams a reality. You can come to enjoy your life/work... by making a better match of who you are with what interests you and is available to you. Dare to dream! If your children are grown... look at the best possible balance in your life/work. Learn how to enjoy leisure time. If you are considering retirement... or have retired, examine your retirement time... are you maximizing it? Do you have a dream and a plan for reaching it? Do you volunteer your time and expertise, have you considered mentoring a young person... helping them reach their "impossible dream"? 


Educators... Remember, you are a significant part of providing the "fuel" for making "impossible dreams" a reality for the students with whom you come in contact. Always support and uplift them... give them hope. Have you fulfilled your "impossible dream"? Take a risk! Make your dream a reality.

If you are a part of business and industry, continue to dream about a world of workers who are prepared to meet the challenges of the changing work place. Stay connected with students, parents, educators and community. The world is dependent on your wisdom. Help us make these dreams a reality. 

If you are part of a community... enhance your own life, making a positive contribution to your community. Help us make this world a better place. Volunteer your time, become a mentor, offer a field trip, become a guest speaker... help make your community more visible and accessible to its members.

And the world will be better for this...

Who's to say when a dream begins? Who will make that dream a reality?

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acknowledges and thanks friends and family for supporting this project. A very special thank you to Marion Steeves..for supplying the magic to make my "impossible dream" become a reality! Thanks to Claude Picard for continually helping me with my computer problems and sorting more than 700 URLs, to Peggy McFarland (Pegasus Research) for becoming my research employee, to Donna Ryan for editing and making suggestions and to Hans Gindlesberger for always believing in my "impossible dream".

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